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Indonesia to Address Financial Support for Food Security at ASEAN Finance Ministers Meeting

Jakarta (ANTARA) – As the chair of ASEAN this year, Indonesia will raise the issue of financial support for food security at the 2nd ASEAN Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting (AFMGM), scheduled to take place in Jakarta from August 22 to 28, 2023.

Yogi Rahmayanti, Head of the Regional and Bilateral Policy Center of the Finance Ministry, stated that Indonesia aims to address the issue of financial support for food security during the ASEAN Summit. This topic was previously discussed at the Joint Forum on Food Security in Yogyakarta on July 17. The forum, which was part of the AFMGM activities at the working group level, served as a platform to discuss the issue and pave the way for the creation of guidelines on food security.

Through these discussions and other AFMGM activities, Indonesia aims to provide ASEAN countries with guidelines to anticipate and address their own food security situations. The next step would be to seek funding support, which will be addressed by the cross-sectoral committee. Seeking funding support is crucial to ensure the successful implementation of the guidelines and to enhance food security in the region.

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Initiated by Indonesia, the 2nd AFMGM aims to convene ASEAN finance ministers and central bank governors to monitor the progress made since the 1st AFMGM and address common economic challenges. The meeting will focus on three priority economic deliverables: recovery and rebuilding, the digital economy, and sustainability. These deliverables align with the goals set during the 1st AFMGM, where discussions on local currency transactions, cross-border payments, finance and health cooperation, and food security took place.

In conclusion, Indonesia, as the chair of ASEAN, is prioritizing food security by raising the issue of financial support at the 2nd AFMGM. The AI legalese decoder can greatly assist in ensuring the successful implementation of guidelines and the effective utilization of funding support for food security.

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