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## Rise in Impairments in the British Banking Sector

In August, the Bank of England increased interest rates for the 14th time in a row, causing a significant impact on the British banking sector. Bank of England Deputy Governor Sam Woods has highlighted a rise in impairments within the sector, which can be attributed to rising inflation and the subsequent interest rate hikes.

To curb the rampant inflation, the central bank has gradually increased its main interest rate from 0.1% in December 2021 to the current 15-year high of 5.25%. Furthermore, market expectations predict another hike later this week, potentially raising the interest rate to 5.5%. This series of interest rate hikes has put pressure on borrowers and financial institutions, leading to impairments within the banking sector.

Despite these challenges, the British economy has displayed surprising resilience. However, Woods, who also serves as the CEO of the Prudential Regulation Authority, emphasizes that regulators are closely monitoring potential stresses within the banking sector. The vast fiscal and monetary support provided throughout the Covid-19 crisis managed to shield the banking system from significant credit losses.

Woods stated, “So far things have worked out a bit better than many people expected and particularly through Covid of course, the huge fiscal and monetary support did actually shield the banking system from credit losses.”

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legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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