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Village of Mineola Approves an $85 Million Mixed-Use Project

The Village of Mineola has granted approval for the construction of an $85 million mixed-use project known as The Bridge. This development, led by local firm Third Street Associates, aims to bring 119 apartments to a .64-acre site across from the Mineola Long Island Rail Road station.

The Bridge project will consist of an eight-story building and offer 84 one-bedroom units and 35 two-bedroom units. Along with the market-rate apartments, 10 percent of the units will be made available as workforce housing, providing reduced rents for eligible individuals.

The site, which currently houses a two-story office building and a small taxi stand, will be transformed into a vibrant community space with various amenities and a multi-functional event space spanning 10,000 square feet. This event space will serve as a venue for live music, entertainment, art exhibits, fashion shows, and other events, benefitting both village residents and local businesses.

With a focus on convenience, The Bridge project will offer underground parking for at least 180 cars. Other amenities will include a fitness center, a rooftop deck with a pool and lounge area, tenant lounges on each floor, as well as storage space for tenants.

The development team, led by Ross Levine, principal of Third Street Associates, is committed to contributing to the revitalization of the Village of Mineola and addressing Long Island’s housing needs. In Levine’s own words, “We look forward to being part of the solution for Long Island’s housing needs and also providing a space that can help support all of the downtown businesses.”

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According to the project schedule, construction of The Bridge is expected to commence in early 2024 and take approximately 21 to 24 months to complete.

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