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An Hour Ago

## Adani shares inch up after chairman re-affirmed company disclosure standards
The shares of Adani Group have inched up after the chairman, Gautam Adani, re-affirmed the company’s disclosure standards and addressed the allegations made in the Hindenburg report. The chairman stated that the report consisted of misinformation and discredited allegations, most of which were dating back to 2004 to 2015. He also mentioned that an Expert Committee had thoroughly examined the matter and found no instances of regulatory failure. In light of this, the Adani Enterprise shares rose by 0.56%, Adani Transmission rose by 1.58%, and Adani Green increased by 1.52%.

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5 Hours Ago

## RBA held rates steady amid declining inflation and risk of output growth falling further
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has released the minutes of its July meeting, revealing that it was considering whether to hold interest rates steady or raise them by 25 basis points. Ultimately, the central bank decided to leave rates unchanged, citing the “clearly restrictive” nature of the current monetary policy and the record-high mortgage interest payments in May. The RBA also acknowledged the decline in inflation and noted that it could help mitigate the risk of a rise in medium-term inflation expectations. The bank expressed concern about a potential slowdown in output growth if rates were raised, emphasizing the “considerable uncertainty” surrounding household consumption.

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4 Hours Ago

## Property and tech stocks lead losses as Hang Seng tumbles over 2%
The Hang Seng index experienced a significant decline of over 2%, led by losses in real estate and technology stocks. Real estate developer Longfor Group was the hardest hit, with its shares sliding over 9%. Country Garden Holdings also saw a substantial fall of 6.67%. On the tech front, JD Health International and Alibaba Health Information Technology, both subsidiaries of Alibaba Group, experienced losses of more than 5% and 4.2% respectively.

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7 Hours Ago

## China’s Evergrande reports steep losses for 2021 and 2022, liabilities also rise
Chinese property developer China Evergrande Group has reported significant losses in its long-awaited financial results for 2021 and 2022. The company recorded a total net loss of 686.2 billion yuan ($95.68 billion) in 2021 and a total net loss of 125.8 billion yuan in 2022. The losses in 2022 were primarily attributed to factors such as land returns, impairment losses on financial assets, and other non-operating losses, amounting to 69.37 billion yuan. Furthermore, Evergrande’s total liabilities increased to 2.35 trillion yuan in 2021, representing a 23% rise compared to the previous year, while total assets stood at 1.8 trillion yuan, reflecting a 20% decline over two years.

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9 Hours Ago

## Retail sales for June out on Tuesday
The upcoming release of June’s retail sales data is an essential indicator of consumer health that traders will closely monitor. Economists predict a 0.5% increase, surpassing May’s gain of 0.3%. The data release is significant as it follows recent consumer and producer price index reports that showed a slower-than-expected pace of inflation. This suggests that the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increases may be effective in cooling inflation. Economists will pay close attention to the retail sales report to determine if spending has accelerated, which could potentially lead to increased inflation.

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9 Hours Ago

## FB Financial shares pop 14% on earnings
FB Financial’s shares jumped approximately 14% in extended trading following the release of its second-quarter earnings results. The company reported earnings of 77 cents per share, surpassing the consensus estimate of 65 cents per share. FB Financial also noted an increase in deposits, with $10.87 billion in deposits at the end of the period compared to $10.54 billion in the same quarter last year, although deposits declined slightly from the first quarter.

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10 Hours Ago

## Berkshire Hathaway slashes Activision Blizzard stake
Activision Blizzard’s shares declined by approximately 0.5% after securities filings revealed that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway significantly reduced its stake in the video game publisher. The filing indicated that Berkshire Hathaway now holds a 1.9% stake in the company, with 14,658,121 shares. This marks a substantial decrease from the 6.3% stake held by Berkshire Hathaway at the end of March. The news comes as Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision approaches its completion, following the Federal Trade Commission’s failed attempt to block the $68.7 billion deal.

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10 Hours Ago

## Stock futures open little changed on Monday evening

There were minimal changes in stock futures during Monday evening’s trading session. The AI legalese decoder can analyze market data, such as stock futures, and provide insights into potential market trends and investor sentiment. By processing large volumes of financial data, it can assist traders in making informed decisions based on the current market conditions.

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