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## Shawbrook Group Pursues £3.5bn Merger with Co-operative Bank

Shawbrook Group, one of Britain’s leading lenders to small businesses, is reportedly in discussions with the owners of the Co-operative Bank regarding a potential merger. This move comes as Shawbrook seeks to preempt a full auction of the Co-op Group’s former division. The preliminary proposal suggests offering the Co-operative Bank’s shareholders approximately 29% of the combined banking group, valuing the target at around £800m. To navigate this process, Shawbrook has enlisted the services of Barclays as their investment bankers to advise on their interest in the consumer-focused peer.

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## Significance of the Potential Merger

Should the merger between Shawbrook Group and the Co-operative Bank come to fruition, it would be one of the most notable banking sector deals since the 2008 financial crisis. The banking industry has recently experienced a mix of positive and negative developments, as rising interest rates have boosted confidence while the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the emergency takeover of Credit Suisse by Swiss rival UBS have caused disruptions. Other lenders, including OneSavings Bank, Aldermore, Nationwide, and Paragon Bank, are also expected to explore formal offers for the Co-operative Bank, making the bidding process highly competitive. However, given Barclays’ role as an advisor to Shawbrook, it is likely that the major high street bank will not submit its own bid for the Co-operative Bank.

## Shawbrook’s Value and Previous Sale Process

Shawbrook itself has been the subject of speculation regarding a transaction that would deliver value to its owners, private equity firms BC Partners and Pollen Street Capital. In the past, a proposed sale process to value Shawbrook at over £2bn was abandoned due to challenging market conditions. However, with the potential merger with the Co-operative Bank, Shawbrook has an opportunity to secure a favorable deal and create a stronger banking entity.

## Background of the Co-operative Bank

Over the past decade, the Co-operative Bank has faced multiple rescues and challenges. In 2013, its attempt to acquire the branch network that eventually became TSB fell apart when its own crisis came to light. To survive, the bank had to secure a £1.5bn rescue from American hedge funds, while its former chairman, Paul Flowers, faced public humiliation due to tabloid revelations about his personal life. Subsequently, the Co-operative Bank required another bailout in 2017, with Bain Capital Credit and JC Flowers becoming major investors, holding a 10% stake in the company. The remaining equity is owned by a consortium of hedge funds. Prior attempts to sell the Co-operative Bank to Cerberus Capital Management and discussions about a merger with Spanish-owned TSB have failed. Now, as the bank prepares for its sale process, it hopes for a successful transaction that will alleviate the burden on regulators, who have been involved in rescues in the past.

## Conclusion

The potential merger between Shawbrook Group and the Co-operative Bank signifies a significant development in the banking sector. With the aid of the AI legalese decoder, the negotiating parties can navigate the intricacies of the merger process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction. This merger comes at a time of both positive and negative dynamics within the banking industry, and it is expected that other lenders will also participate in the bidding process for the Co-operative Bank. Shawbrook’s pursuit of a merger presents an opportunity to generate value for its owners and secure a successful deal. As the Co-operative Bank prepares for its sale process, regulators hope for a resolution that will alleviate the need for their intervention.

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