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A Splash of Color: Banners Bring Attention to Elm Grove Businesses

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photo by: Emma Delk

Andrew Hollis, owner of Wheelcraft Bicycles at 2187 National Road in Wheeling, stands beneath his business’s new banner, one of many that have popped up around the neighborhood through the efforts of the Elm Grove Business Association.

A splash of color has been added to Elm Grove with banners advertising local businesses hanging along National Road. The Elm Grove Business Association (EGBA) took the initiative to create these eye-catching banners in May, with the intention of promoting and supporting businesses in the area.

The EGBA, led by President Kristy Ferguson, collaborated with Vance Printing to bring their banner ideas to life. This joint effort resulted in a collection of banners representing a diverse range of 142 local businesses, including but not limited to Elite Massage Therapy and Glessner & Associates, a consulting firm. With the EGBA’s inclusive approach, even businesses that were not part of the association were given the opportunity to be represented.

The banners quickly garnered attention and positive feedback from business owners like Andrew Hollis, owner of Wheelcraft Bicycles, who saw it as a valuable advertising opportunity. Hollis expressed his enthusiasm for the banners, stating, “It’s always good to get more advertisement and people down here.” The success of these banners can be attributed to the strategic placement efforts by Councilman Dave Palmer and Charlie Savage from Savage Construction. They ensured that the banners were not placed directly in front of businesses but still caught the attention of passersby.

Despite facing some challenges during the hanging process, such as uncooperative poles and unstable placements, Palmer believes the time and effort invested were worth it. He emphasizes the importance of supporting local businesses and believes that buying local contributes directly to the local economy, benefitting families and the community as a whole.

Building on the success of the current banners, the EGBA has plans to introduce holiday-themed banners in November. After a previous attempt at holiday banners that were deemed too small, the EGBA aims to replicate the effectiveness of the current banners while also attracting additional businesses to participate. This ongoing initiative by the EGBA aims to enhance the charm of Elm Grove and make it a more visually appealing and welcoming destination for both customers and business owners.

Andrew Hollis shares Ferguson’s vision for improvement in Elm Grove and suggests that additional enhancements such as improved lighting and sidewalks would greatly enhance the area’s overall appeal. Councilman Palmer also recognized the need for more parking spaces and hinted at potential plans to create a small parking lot at the corner of Junior Avenue and National Road, replacing the former TCI building.

The EGBA, under the guidance of Kristy Ferguson, is committed to supporting local businesses and further improving Elm Grove. Ferguson’s proactive approach and dedication have earned her praise from Councilman Palmer, who commends her as a “doer” in her position. Ferguson continues to actively seek out new businesses to bring to Elm Grove, anticipating the arrival of a new coffee shop soon. She takes pride in connecting the dots and creating opportunities for great businesses to thrive in the area.

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