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UK Government Provides Further Details on the Windsor Framework

By John Campbell
BBC News NI Economics and Business Editor
2 hours ago

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The UK government has recently released additional information on the operational aspects of the Windsor Framework, aiming to streamline trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK post-Brexit. While implementation is scheduled to commence in October, some concerns have been raised by business groups regarding the lack of operational specifics. The latest guidance primarily focuses on the movement of food products, labelling of medicines, and the establishment of a trusted trader scheme for food retailers.

The Windsor Framework modifies the Northern Ireland Protocol, which is part of the 2019 UK-EU deal that keeps Northern Ireland within the EU’s single market for goods. This arrangement maintains an open Irish land border but entails checks and controls on products entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. The new deal aims to reduce trade frictions between Great Britain and Northern Ireland by expanding the trusted trader scheme and implementing a system of green and red lanes at Northern Ireland ports.

Under this framework, products destined for Northern Ireland will be processed through the green lane, subject to minimal checks and controls. To indicate that these products are not intended for the EU market, ‘Not for EU’ labels will be introduced on food products sold in Northern Ireland. Starting from October, prepacked meat and fresh milk will need to bear such labels, with other goods following suit by July 2025.

The trusted trader scheme, known as the NI Retail Movement Scheme (NIRMS), will open for registrations on 1 September. The guidance explains that both the sending business in Great Britain and the receiving business in Northern Ireland must be registered for the scheme to ensure its efficacy. The NIRMS will replace the Scheme for Temporary Agri-food Movements to Northern Ireland (STAMNI), which is predominantly utilized by major supermarkets. The government has assured that it will work with operators to prevent any disruptions in goods movements for existing STAMNI traders transitioning to the new scheme.

Additionally, the guidance offers clarification on the treatment of ‘groupage’ freight, which involves consolidating goods from multiple companies into a single lorry load. According to the guidelines, if a grouped load contains a combination of NIRMS-compliant goods and ineligible consignments, the entire lorry cannot benefit from NIRMS facilitations. However, the NIRMS-compliant sections of a mixed load can still be transported using a simplified certificate, thereby avoiding the need for veterinary-signed health certification for each individual product.

In the meantime, the House of Lords Northern Ireland Protocol Committee has written to the UK Foreign Secretary seeking urgent clarification on certain aspects of the new food labelling requirements. Despite this, a government spokesperson emphasized that the Windsor Framework is the best deal for Northern Ireland, promoting smooth trade flows, safeguarding Northern Ireland’s position in the union, and providing a robust framework for resolving future issues. The government remains committed to consulting businesses, communities, and political parties during the implementation of the framework.

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