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Soccer Football – Leagues Cup – Group J – Inter Miami v Cruz Azul – DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States – July 21, 2023

Lionel Messi Makes a Stirring Debut for Inter Miami, Securing a Win Against Cruz Azul

On July 21, Lionel Messi made an electrifying debut for Major League Soccer’s Inter Miami, scoring a stoppage-time winner to lead his team to a 2-1 victory against Liga MX’s Cruz Azul in the Leagues Cup opener. The match took place at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In a crucial moment, Messi drew a foul about 25 yards from the goal in the dying seconds of the game. Displaying his remarkable skills, he stepped up to take a free kick, delivering a perfectly executed shot into the top left corner of the net, sending the crowd into a state of euphoria.

After scoring the goal, Messi celebrated by running towards the right corner of the field with his arms outstretched, before heading to the sidelines where he shared an emotional hug with his family. Reflecting on his decisive goal, Messi stated, “I knew I had to score, it was the last play of the game and I had to score so we didn’t go to penalties.”

The win against Cruz Azul holds significant importance for Inter Miami, considering it is a new tournament that will boost the team’s confidence moving forward. The presence of renowned figures such as four-times NBA champion LeBron James, tennis great Serena Williams, and reality television star Kim Kardashian among the sold-out crowd added to the excitement and spectacle of the match.

Messi, dressed in his iconic number 10 jersey, entered the game as a second-half substitute with Inter Miami already leading 1-0. His arrival was greeted by a thunderous ovation from the crowd. Throughout his time on the pitch, Messi showcased his extraordinary talent, evading defenders and creating numerous scoring opportunities.

However, Messi faced disappointment when he collided with a Cruz Azul player in the box and fell to the ground. Despite his team and supporters’ pleas for a penalty, the referee promptly waved off the appeals, denying Messi the chance to take a spot kick.

In the 89th minute, Messi contributed to what appeared to be the winning goal as he set up Martinez to tap the ball into the net. Unfortunately, the goal was disallowed due to offside. But Messi, whose prowess led Argentina to World Cup victory in Qatar just seven months prior, had his moment to shine once again with the thrilling free kick.

Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham expressed his excitement, stating, “As soon as I saw the free kick given I thought this is the way it’s meant to end. It’s so exciting tonight for our fans. All of these people that have come down here to see Leo just step on the pitch, let alone just do what he’s done. It’s a dream come true for everybody in this stadium and everybody around this country to see Leo step into the MLS and perform.”

Messi’s introduction to Miami coincidentally occurred on the same day, 16 years earlier, when Beckham played his first game for MLS side LA Galaxy. The arrival of Messi in South Florida has generated tremendous enthusiasm, with restaurants offering dishes and drinks named after him. Furthermore, murals depicting his likeness have appeared all over Miami.

This has been a whirlwind week for Messi, whose presence in MLS significantly boosts the profile of soccer in the United States, especially as the country prepares to co-host the 2026 World Cup with Mexico and Canada.

Messi’s official contract with Inter Miami was finalized on Saturday, just 2-1/2 years after he departed Barcelona. The club’s supporters warmly welcomed him at a glamourous event, and he participated in his first full training session on Tuesday.

Inter Miami will conclude the two-game group stage with a match against Atlanta United on Tuesday. The team aims to secure a spot in the knockout stages of the Leagues Cup, a thrilling tournament that brings together all teams from MLS and Mexico’s Liga MX.

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