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Investigating Unauthorized Use of Electricity by Neighbors and Seeking Justice against Negligent Landlord


In this distressing situation, our landlord has demonstrated a blatant lack of consideration for our rights as tenants. Not only has he allowed our neighbors, who happen to be his close friends, to audaciously utilize our electricity for their personal benefit – namely, powering their pool and a large stand-up freezer – but he has also neglected to seek our consent or notify us of this arrangement. As a result, our monthly electric bill has skyrocketed by an alarming $200 above its usual expenditure. Such an overtly neglectful attitude from our landlord has enraged me, especially considering the fact that we are left with $200 less to cover our daily living expenses. Given these circumstances, I am seeking assistance to deal with this issue effectively and, if possible, hold the landlord accountable for his actions.

Severe Landlord Issues

The current incident of unauthorized electricity use by our neighbors is just another addition to the long list of egregious acts committed by our landlord. Sadly, his total disregard for our well-being as tenants has become a recurring pattern. Whether it be neglecting vital maintenance tasks, violating our privacy, or failing to address our concerns promptly, our landlord’s behavior exemplifies his sheer irresponsibility and lack of empathy towards us. However, out of all his transgressions, this incident is particularly infuriating due to the significant financial burden imposed upon us.

The Financial Implications

The sudden increase of $200 in our electric bill, solely caused by the unauthorized use of our electricity supply, has placed an unwarranted strain on our already limited resources. Every dollar counts when it comes to covering our basic necessities and maintaining a decent standard of living. It is disheartening to have our hard-earned money essentially stolen from us for the benefit of others, without our consent or knowledge. With bills piling up and essential expenses looming, this unexpected financial setback makes it even harder for us to make ends meet.

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Potential Retaliation and Uncertain Outcome

Considering the volatile nature of this situation, it is crucial to acknowledge the possibility of retaliation from our landlord. Unfortunately, we must anticipate that our pursuit of justice may not yield the desired outcome, as the odds may be stacked against us. However, by harnessing the power of the AI Legalese Decoder, we can empower ourselves with a well-informed strategy, carefully considering the potential risks and opportunities for a favorable resolution. While there are no guarantees, arming ourselves with the knowledge and resources available to us is an essential step toward seeking justice.


The unauthorized use of our electricity by our neighbors, condoned by our negligent landlord, has not only placed a significant financial burden on us but has also exposed the broader issue of our landlord’s complete disregard for our well-being as tenants. Inefficiencies in communication, lack of consent, and the subsequent financial strain are deeply unsettling. However, by utilizing the AI Legalese Decoder, we can equip ourselves with the necessary information and legal understanding to challenge our landlord and seek redress. While the road ahead may be challenging, our determination to address this issue is fueled by the belief that justice should prevail for all tenants facing such unjust circumstances.

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  • Beaniebot I found this for dominion power. ItÔÇÖs called energy theft. You can also report your concern that your bill is higher than normal.

  • kb10396

    YouÔÇÖre paying the rent, youÔÇÖre paying the electricity, cut them off. Turn off the breaker feeding their pool & freezer. If you want to go the extra mile, you can buy breaker locks and lock it out so your landlord would have to have bolt cutters to turn it back on. Buy a few of them. Hopefully it is running on a circuit that wouldnÔÇÖt interrupt anything critical you need to live. If you lose one light or a couple outlets I think that would be worth it to get your bill back where it needs to be should other avenues of correction fail. Also start searching for a new place to live to be prepared when your lease is up. Sounds like youÔÇÖll have nothing but problems with this landlord, some of which may be actionable in court.

  • Beach_bum8

    Definitely cut the breaker, also start looking for a new place to live. He’s going to make your life a living hell.

    Also, report this as it’s theft and take video before!!

  • FlounderFun4008

    You need to also get the money back from your bill. You might contact the neighbors and ask them for the money. If they refuse you can either take them to small claims or threaten to let the electric company know.

  • DryLet3225

    Do you have access to the circuit breaker to cut the power to them?

  • Top-Pea-8975

    I assume this connection was built without permits? Call the city and ask them to come inspect. It could be a fire hazard and they could cite the landlord. Also call the police to see if you can report theft of electricity.

  • AlbMLKing

    If you deduct from your rent open a separate account for that money. Do not leave in your account. That way you can show you had it and just deducted until problems resolved

  • Restil

    Locate the breaker/fuse for anything that’s powering their stuff, and shut it off.

    If the breaker panel is accessible outside (could be if it’s an older house), then either put a lock on the panel or hire an electrician to make some simple modifications to prevent it from easily being turned back on. For instance, once you identify the breaker powering the pool and determine it’s not powering anything else you care about, you can remove the breaker from the box, take the hot wire and cut it back so it can’t be easily reconnected, and then lock the breaker box behind you.

    In any event, I’d consider finding a new place to live when your lease is up.

  • icewalker2k

    Flip the breaker off

  • NJHostageNegotiator

    As stated, this is Theft of Services.

    Call your friendly neighborhood police officers.

  • catchmesleeping

    Unplug the cord nothing sucks more than a freezer with rotten food.

  • HatsAndTopcoats

    How are they accessing your electricity?

  • Terrible-Paramedic35

    Unplug em and turn off the breaker.

    If your LL shows up record the conversation and then report the theft to police.

  • theFutureIsDecaf

    Your neighbors are trespassing on your lease and stealing your electricity. Call the police and see if you can have them arrested and forced to pay retribution/*restitution.

    If it were me, I wouldn’t even get my landlord involved. His willingness to put his friends in legal jeopardy can be between him and them.

    (Edit: I can’t say for sure that they are trespassing on your lease, since I have not read your lease)

  • Ordinary-Win-4065

    File police report. Theft of electricity. Go after him.

  • Jakaple

    Flip the breaker they’re using

  • Go_Gators_4Ever

    Pool motors use a lot of electricity. How many hours per day is it running?

  • vndin

    Remove freezer set it on curb for trash night.
    Poke holes in pool…problem goes away.

  • i_am_voldemort

    How is the electricity extended to their pool and freezer?

    If it done by extension cord then contact your code enforcement official / fire marshal as extension cords are only approved for ‘temporary’ purposes, not for permanent wiring.

    Is the outlet / breaker supplying the pool pump and it is connected to GFCI?

    What is the amperage of the breaker supplying the pool pump?

    These are life / fire safety considerations beyond just the cost.

  • Weird-Breakfast-7259

    Go see whats to thaw out for dinner Sat, call all my friends over and Pool Party

  • sofresh24

    Well definitely donÔÇÖt allow it going forward. Deduct $200 from your last months rent if you even pay it at all. WhatÔÇÖs he gonna do evict you? ­ƒÿë

  • italiano78

    Shit IÔÇÖll come fix that for free! Scum lords are the worst!!!

  • dontneedtoknow23

    Unplug, then cut the plug prongs off the cord so they can not plug back in.

  • IndependentEarth123

    Unless I missed it, why not talk to the neighbors first? It could be they have now idea:

    1. That your landlord didnt’ get an okay from you about this
    2. That you’re paying for the electricity, not your landlord.

    If I was the neighbor, I’d be shocked to learn I had run up someone’s electric bill by $200 and would offer to pay/chew out my friend for putting me in the position of stealing electricity. Why not give them the chance to make it right, if you do end up going the legal route, you have evidence now that they were made aware of the situation.

  • Higgins8585

    Unplug their shit

  • Buckskin_Harry

    If you rent includes water you could leave faucets running 24-7. Not the best idea but at least itÔÇÖll go back to the treatment plant and get reused. The sewer IÔÇÖll may get bigger too

  • DisgruntledGamer79

    Turn off the breaker to the receptacle

  • Redgenie2020

    That’s some major BS

  • alkey

    That’s personally disrespectful. If you pursue a legal route; it won’t solve the problem.

  • limlwl

    Get them charge as well.