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The Importance of Small Businesses’ Voice in Ohio’s Proposal for Constitutional Amendment


The Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and the Ohio Restaurant Association have all expressed support for Issue 1, a proposal on the August ballot that could impact the process of changing the state constitution. However, some small businesses argue that these organizations do not adequately represent their interests. To ensure that voters are aware of their viewpoint, these small businesses are hosting news conferences throughout Ohio.

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The Unique Perspective of Small Businesses

Frank Knapp, the director of Business for Democracy Campaign of the American Sustainable Business Network, emphasizes that the needs of Ohio’s small businesses differ from those of larger companies that typically have a louder voice. Over 96% of all businesses in Ohio have fewer than 20 employees, and Knapp asserts that what may benefit big businesses may not necessarily be advantageous for small businesses. To support his claim, Knapp highlights that more than 350 businesses in Ohio, which are part of the Ohio Sustainable Business Council, oppose Issue 1.

Small business owner Olivia Braddock, who owns Wildcat Gift and Party in Columbus, believes that small businesses like hers often go unnoticed by powerful politicians and large lobby groups. Unlike big corporations, smaller businesses do not have the resources to wine and dine state representatives or make substantial political donations. As a result, Braddock argues that their voices often go unheard when it comes to legislations that affect their businesses.

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The Concerns of Small Restaurant Owners

Kathleen Day, the owner of Katalina’s in Columbus, is a member of the Ohio Restaurant Association, a group advocating for Issue 1. One of the issues raised by the association is the possibility of a future constitutional amendment that would raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Day, however, states that she pays her employees well above the minimum wage and believes that restaurant workers deserve fair compensation, just like any other employee. Therefore, the minimum wage issue does not personally concern her.

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The Impact of Issue 1

Issue 1 aims to raise the threshold for passing future constitutional amendments from the current requirement of 50% plus one to 60%. Additionally, it seeks to make it more challenging for citizen-led efforts to amend the constitution by requiring signatures from all 88 counties, instead of the current requirement of 44 counties. Furthermore, it proposes eliminating the ten-day period within which petitioners falling short on signatures can gather more to qualify for the ballot.

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Involvement of Ohioans in Decision-Making

Ohioans will have the opportunity to vote on Issue 1 on August 8. Early in-person voting and mail-in absentee voting are already underway. Notably, some early vote centers have experienced long lines, which is unusual for August elections that typically have low turnouts.

To ensure that their voices are heard in this decision-making process, small businesses can utilize AI legalese decoder to comprehend the complexities of Issue 1. By understanding the proposal’s intricacies, small business owners can actively engage in discussions and advocate for their interests during this crucial voting period.

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