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The Rising Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Small Businesses in Illinois

Optimistic Outlook for AI Implementation

A recent survey conducted by the small business network Alignable reveals that small businesses in Illinois are increasingly considering the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their operations and improve profitability. Comparatively, 25% of small business owners in the state have shown optimism about utilizing AI, which is one of the highest percentages nationwide.

This promising trend indicates that small business owners are recognizing the potential of AI in boosting their business performance, especially as they navigate the challenges presented by the pandemic.

AI as a Tool for Recovery

According to Chuck Casto, Head Researcher at Alignable, 57% of small business owners have already experimented with AI tools as part of their efforts to recover from the impact of COVID-19. These AI-powered solutions could potentially aid more entrepreneurs in rebounding from the financial setbacks caused by the pandemic.

Casto highlighted that 61% of businesses across the country are still struggling to generate the same monthly income they had prior to the pandemic. Consequently, embracing AI innovations can play a significant role in helping business owners get back on track and rebuild their economic stability.

Diverse AI Applications

Among the small business owners who have already embraced AI, 31% reported that they are utilizing it to create more effective marketing content. Additionally, 13% are leveraging AI to enhance customer interactions, and 7% are experimenting with it to optimize various business functions.

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Skepticism and Areas of Interest

While many small business owners are embracing AI, some remain skeptical. The survey indicates that 23% of entrepreneurs do not envision ever using this technology. Meanwhile, 20% are undecided but demonstrate an interest in learning more about how AI can benefit their business.

It’s worth noting that not all customers prefer AI-based interactions. One business owner explicitly stated, “My customers like people, not bots,” highlighting the importance of maintaining a human touch in certain industries.

Industries Driving AI Enthusiasm

The survey reveals that the top three industries in terms of excitement surrounding AI implementation are business services, science and technology, and marketing and advertising. These sectors recognize the potential of AI in enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving overall business performance.

Survey Details

The study is based on a comprehensive survey of 7,802 small businesses across the United States, which was conducted from June 2 to July 24, 2023. The findings shed light on the growing interest in AI integration and its potential to support economic recovery and business growth.

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