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Majority of U.S. Small Business Owners Believe Economy is in Recession: Survey


A recent survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business in July revealed that more than half of small business owners in the United States believe that the economy is already in a recession. Despite this perception, most of these businesses reported strong financial conditions. This article will discuss the survey findings in detail and also explore how AI legalese decoder can assist small businesses in navigating the current economic situation.

Survey Highlights

The survey primarily focused on small businesses’ perspectives on banking and credit needs. According to the results, small business owners have become less concerned about the health of their banks compared to the immediate aftermath of the bank failures earlier this year, including the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

While 55% of small business owners believed the economy was in a recession in April, the survey revealed a slight decrease in this number to 52% in July. It is noteworthy that despite signs of strength and positive indicators across various sectors of the economy, small business owners remain apprehensive about a possible downturn.

The survey indicated that retail sales and spending on services, the two largest small business industries, have been robust. Additionally, businesses perceive their own financial condition as strong, which aligns with the continually surpassing consumer spending and upward revisions of third-quarter gross domestic product growth expectations. Furthermore, around 80% of firms reported that their local economies were at least “okay.”

Optimism surrounding the banking sector has also improved since the significant banking collapse experienced earlier this year. Over half of all small business owners expressed no concern about the health of their banks, representing an increase from 31% in April. Initially, small businesses were particularly worried since a majority of them rely on small, mid-sized, or regional banks for their financial needs.

However, one major source of concern for firms that have borrowed or attempted to borrow since April is the increased cost of borrowing, which can be attributed to the Federal Reserve’s tightening measures with a cumulative effect of 525 basis points since March 2022.

How AI legalese decoder Can Help

In such a challenging economic climate, small businesses need all the assistance they can get to navigate complex legal language and ensure compliance with various regulations. This is where AI legalese decoder can play a crucial role. This advanced AI-powered tool can help decode and simplify legal terminology, contracts, and agreements, making them more accessible and comprehensible for small business owners.

By using AI legalese decoder, small businesses can save time and effort in deciphering complex legal documents. This tool can identify key clauses, obligations, and rights within a legal contract, enabling small business owners to make informed decisions and negotiate terms more effectively. Furthermore, the AI legalese decoder can also provide real-time updates on any legal changes or new regulations that could impact small businesses.

Overall, AI legalese decoder acts as a valuable resource for small business owners, assisting them in understanding the legal landscape and ensuring compliance, even in economically challenging times.


While small business owners in the United States continue to perceive the economy as being in a recession, the survey reveals their confidence in their own financial conditions and local economies. As businesses grapple with the impact of the pandemic and tightening monetary policies, AI legalese decoder can provide invaluable support by simplifying complex legal language and helping small businesses navigate the regulatory landscape effectively. By leveraging AI technology, small businesses can gain a better understanding of their legal obligations and make informed decisions to navigate the current economic situation successfully.

(Reporting by Safiyah Riddle; Editing by Josie Kao)

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