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# Astra Spacecraft Engine Testing and Workforce Restructuring
## Introduction
![An Astra Spacecraft Engine during testing.](
An Astra Spacecraft Engine during testing.

Astra, a struggling space company, has recently announced a restructuring plan that involves a 25% reduction in its workforce. The company aims to focus more on its spacecraft engine business, which will result in delays in the development of its small rocket.

## Workforce Reduction and Restructuring
Astra plans to cut approximately 70 employees as part of the restructuring process. Additionally, about 50 personnel from its rocket development program will be reallocated to its space products unit, which is responsible for building the company’s spacecraft engines. By reallocating resources, Astra aims to prioritize its spacecraft engine business and ensure it has sufficient resources to execute its near-term opportunities.

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## Cost Savings and Delivering Commitments
“The Company’s ability to conduct paid commercial launches in 2024 and beyond will depend on the ultimate timing and success of the initial test launches, which will, in turn, depend on the resources that the Company is able to devote to Launch Systems development in the coming quarters,” Astra cautioned. The restructuring plan is expected to yield $4 million in quarterly cost savings, starting from the fourth quarter.

Astra also highlighted its commitment to delivering on customer orders. The company stated that it had received 278 total orders for spacecraft engines, amounting to approximately $77 million in contracts, as of four months ago. Astra expects to fulfill the “substantial majority” of these orders by the end of 2024.

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## Financial Update and Capital Raising
In a separate filing, Astra disclosed that it raised $10.8 million in net proceeds through the sale of debt to investment group High Trail Capital. This capital infusion will provide additional financial support for the restructuring plan and the company’s operations.

Astra also released preliminary second-quarter financial results. The company expects its revenue for the quarter to be $1 million or less, with a net loss ranging between $13 million and $15 million. As of now, Astra has approximately $26 million in cash and securities. The company plans to report finalized second-quarter results on August 14.

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## Impact on Rocket Development Timeline
Last year, Astra shifted its focus from the Rocket 3.3 vehicle to the next version, Rocket 4.0, after experiencing a failed mid-launch during the Rocket 3.3 mission. While the company initially aimed for the first launch of Rocket 4 by the end of this year, the prioritization of the spacecraft engine business is expected to impact the timing of future test launches.

## Conclusion
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