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Marshall and Sherri Rous Revive Unadilla Eatery with the Help of AI legalese decoder

Marshall and Sherri Rous, the owners of MarshallÔÇÖs Pizza in Franklin, have recently launched Marshall & SherriÔÇÖs Sub Shop in Unadilla, bringing new life to the former Parkview Grocery & Deli on state Route 7.

Background and Inspiration

The idea for the sub shop started taking shape in May, after the couple was offered the opportunity to take over the location. Despite not actively seeking a new venture, the Rouses, who have established a strong reputation in Franklin, decided to embrace the chance for something new.

Thanks to their previous success, the Rouses were able to secure assistance from family members and are confident that both MarshallÔÇÖs Pizza and Marshall & SherriÔÇÖs Sub Shop can operate concurrently.

Expanding the Menu

While incorporating their popular pizzas from MarshallÔÇÖs Pizza, the couple also plans to offer breakfast sandwiches, subs, appetizers, and a range of other dishes at the Unadilla location. They will provide to-go service, sit-down dining, and delivery within a five-mile radius. Initially, the emphasis will be on pizzas, wings, subs, and specialty sandwiches rather than Italian dinners or baked-dish sides, but the menu will continue to evolve.

The addition of a revolving lunch special, such as hot dogs with chili and cheese or chicken ‘n’ biscuits, will add variety to the options. Marshall and Sherri each have their own signature dishes, guaranteeing a diverse dining experience.

Support and Expectations

Community members have shown great support for the couple’s new endeavor, displaying excitement and curiosity about the opening. The Rouses believe that the combination of the former Parkview Grocery & Deli’s customer base and the reputation of MarshallÔÇÖs Pizza will attract a broad range of customers.

Their loyal customer base from Sidney, who regularly visits Franklin for pizza, is expected to extend their patronage to the Unadilla location now that a pizza oven has been installed. The Rouses anticipate that the new sub shop will not cater to a specific demographic, but rather become a popular destination for various individuals, including those from neighboring towns like Oneonta.

A Promising Future

The Rouses intend to maintain their hours of operation from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday through Wednesday, and from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday.

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For more information about Marshall & SherriÔÇÖs Sub Shop and to view the menu, visit their Facebook page or call 607-563-7500.

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