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A Delegation from Lehigh Valley Officials Visiting Puerto Rico to Strengthen Ties

In an effort to strengthen cultural and economic ties between Lehigh Valley and Puerto Rico, U.S. Rep. Susan Wild and Mayor Matt Tuerk will lead a delegation of Lehigh Valley officials to the island. The delegation aims to establish common ground for cooperation in both the public and private sectors and explore opportunities for mutual assistance.

Building Stronger Ties

The delegation, consisting of Lehigh Valley officials, is set to depart for Puerto Rico this week. It includes notable figures such as U.S. Rep. Susan Wild, Allentown Mayor Matt Tuerk, Victor Martinez (owner of La Mega 101.7 FM in Allentown), Allentown Councilwoman Cynthia Mota, and AJ Suero (chair of the Greater Lehigh Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce). The primary focus is to foster cultural and economic connections between Lehigh Valley and Puerto Rico, with a specific emphasis on establishing a direct flight between the two regions.

Potential for Collaboration

With approximately half a million Puerto Ricans residing in Pennsylvania, there is significant potential for businesses to form partnerships across regions. This delegation trip offers an opportunity for businesses from both areas to explore potential collaborations and initiate partnerships that benefit both sides. The organizers of the trip are particularly enthusiastic about the potential economic benefits that could arise from increased cooperation.

Itinerary and Key Meetings

The delegation’s itinerary includes visits to various cities in Puerto Rico, including San Juan, Ponce, and Patillas. They are scheduled to meet with Governor Pedro Pierluisi and his administration, local mayors, and Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon, who serves as the territory’s non-voting representative in Congress. These meetings will provide a platform for dialogue and exchange, further strengthening the ties between the two regions.

A Growing Puerto Rican Community

The Lehigh Valley has witnessed a significant increase in its Hispanic population, with Puerto Ricans representing the largest segment. Following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017, many displaced Puerto Ricans sought refuge in the Lehigh Valley, resulting in an influx of approximately 77,000 individuals with Puerto Rican heritage in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District. Allentown alone is home to over 35,000 individuals with Puerto Rican heritage.

Exploring Cultural Influences

Matt Tuerk, having previously undertaken a similar trip to the Dominican Republic, recognizes the importance of experiencing the culture of the island communities that influence his own city. He plans to share Allentown’s history, achievements, and goals at a conference of mayors, establishing connections with Puerto Rican businesses and potentially attracting future investments to the region. The trip serves as a starting point for building relationships that may lead to beneficial partnerships.

Aiming for Improved Support and Rights

Susan Wild acknowledges that although Puerto Ricans are American citizens, they often do not receive the same level of government support as those residing in the states. During the meeting with Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon, Wild hopes to identify areas for improvement in constituent services and advocate for the rights of Puerto Ricans. The trip, therefore, serves as an exploratory mission to address these concerns and promote fair treatment for all American citizens.

Importance of a Direct Flight

A direct flight between San Juan and Lehigh Valley International Airport is a key goal for the delegation. The Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority, responsible for overseeing LVIA, has been actively lobbying for such a connection over the years. Establishing this route will not only offer Lehigh Valley tourists a convenient Caribbean getaway but also enable thousands of individuals from both locations to easily visit family and friends.

Petition for a Connection

In support of the direct flight initiative, Victor Martinez initiated a petition calling for a connection between Allentown and Puerto Rico. The petition garnered over 700 signatures within a day, demonstrating the strong interest and support for this endeavor. Martinez intends to present the petition to Governor Pedro Pierluisi to gather further support and strengthen the case for establishing the direct flight.

Potential Economic Opportunities

Given the growth of the Latino population in the Lehigh Valley, Victor Martinez draws parallels with central Florida, where Puerto Ricans have become small business leaders, contributing to a thriving local economy. He sees similar potential in the Lehigh Valley, emphasizing the mutual benefits that can arise from increased business exchanges and tourism between the regions.

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