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# Chicago’s Small Businesses Face Challenges During the Pandemic

## Introduction

The pandemic has posed significant challenges for small businesses in Chicago. While some businesses have been forced to close permanently, others have found ways to adapt and survive. One such business is Torres Omar Jewelers, located in Logan Square. Known for its list of celebrity clients, the retailer has focused on its online business and even launched a new line of jewelry to keep up with the changing times.

## Adapting to the Times

Torres Omar Jewelers has been a trusted name in the Chicago jewelry industry for many years. The family-owned business recently celebrated its 43rd anniversary, and its ability to adapt to new situations has played a vital role in its success, especially during the pandemic. The marketing director, Joey Torres, explained that going through COVID-19 was a turning point for the business. They took their e-commerce business seriously, generating revenue and brainstorming different ways to make it happen as a family.

## A Rich History

Torres Omar Jewelers was established in 1980 by Jose and Maria Torres, who immigrated to Chicago from Guanajuato, Mexico. In 1994, they opened a second store in Logan Square and merged the names to create Torres Omar Jewelers. Today, their son, Jose Torres Jr., manages the business. Jose’s wife, Norma, joined the family business in 1989, and together they have been able to balance work and family life.

## The Next Generation’s Impact

The new generation, including Joey, Cynthia, and Crystal, has brought fresh perspectives and contributed to the growth of the family business. They have helped establish a strong social media presence, engaged with the community, and supported local events. Torres Omar Jewelers takes pride in sponsoring little league baseball teams, awarding scholarships to undocumented students, and supporting the artistic community.

## A Diverse Clientele

Despite the challenges, Torres Omar Jewelers continues to attract a wide range of customers. The store caters to engaged couples seeking engagement rings, as well as local musicians and artists in search of distinctive pieces. Notable clients include boxing legend Julio César Chavez, streetwear designer Joe Freshgoods, and Grammy-winning artist The Weeknd.

## Celebrating Milestones

Torres Omar Jewelers recently celebrated its anniversary by hosting an event in Little Village. This event served as an opportunity to unveil their new line and spring/summer collection to the public. By choosing to celebrate their anniversary in Little Village, the store aimed to showcase the positive aspects of the community.

## The Legacy of Torres Omar Jewelers

Above all, the legacy of Torres Omar Jewelers is about family, love, and community. They have always strived to help people and be an integral part of the community. This commitment to their values has enabled them to stay connected with their customers for over four decades.

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