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Calls for transparency from the Department for Education (DfE) have been made regarding the list of schools that have been ordered to close due to safety concerns. Over 100 schools in the UK have been identified as having used reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC), a potentially dangerous material that poses a risk of collapse. This type of concrete, which has been described as “80 per cent air” and “like an Aero Bar”, was commonly used in the construction of schools and other buildings between the 1950s and 1970s. As a result, pupils across the country will either have to study online or be relocated to temporary facilities.

The government has announced that a total of 156 schools have been found to contain RAAC, with urgent action required in 104 of them. Repair works have already been carried out in 52 schools. In Scotland, 35 schools have been affected, although no closures have been announced yet. The Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan, has assured that the names of the impacted schools will soon be released. However, teaching unions have condemned the situation as a “scandal” and demand more transparency.

The AI legalese decoder can assist by providing a comprehensive breakdown of all the schools impacted by the closure order. By using advanced artificial intelligence technology, this tool can analyze legal language and decipher complicated legal terms, making it easier for parents and school staff to understand the situation. It can also provide guidance on the necessary steps to be taken and offer support in finding alternative accommodation or implementing remote learning options. The AI legalese decoder ensures that individuals affected by this issue have access to clear and concise information, reducing confusion and uncertainty.

Here is the current list of schools in England that may be impacted by the closure order:

1. Ferryhill School in County Durham – The start of the academic year will be delayed, and classes are expected to take place online.
2. Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy in Leicester – Students have been instructed to attend different schools, and older pupils have been asked to engage in homeschooling.
3. Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School in Brixton, south London – Junior students will be relocated to a nearby area.
4. Crossflats Primary School in Bradford – The school has been partially closed.
5. Eldwick Primary School in Bradford – The school will be partially closed.
6. Mayflower Primary School – Alternative accommodation will be arranged for students.
7. Parks Primary School – Alternative accommodation will be arranged for students.
8. Corpus Christi Catholic School in Brixton Hill, Lambeth – The school has been temporarily relocated due to RAAC in the roof.
9. Springfield Primary School, Chelmsford – Temporary classrooms have been provided while roof works are completed.
10. Ravens Academy in Essex – The school will be closed for two days next week.
11. St Clere’s School in Essex – Some parts of the school will be closed, and remote learning will be partially implemented.
12. Abbey Lane Primary School in Sheffield – Repairs have been underway to replace the RAAC in the roof.
13. The Billericay School in Essex – A small section of the school contains RAAC, but a full closure is not required.
14. Canon Slade School in Bolton – Some areas of the school have been closed for safety reasons.
15. Clacton County High School in Essex – The start of term has been delayed, and remote learning is being used.
16. Carmel College and Sixth Form, Darlington – The kitchen and library have been closed, but the school remains open.
17. Cockermouth School, Cumbria – School reopens a day later due to RAAC in certain corridors.
18. Cranbourne College, Basingstoke – One area of the school has been closed since the beginning of the year.
19. Donnington Wood Infants School, Shropshire – Extra ceilings have been added, and the school remains open.
20. East Bergholt High School, Colchester – The school is considering a delayed reopening or partial closure.
21. Ferryhill School, County Durham – The start of the school year will be delayed, and classes will be taught online.
22. The Gilberd School, Colchester – The school will remain closed until September 11 for some year groups.
23. Hadleigh High School, Suffolk – The start of the new term is potentially delayed.
24. Hatfield Peverel Junior School, Essex – The school will be closed until mid-September at the earliest.
25. Hockley Primary School, Essex – The school has been closed since June 11, with some year groups relocated.
26. Holy Trinity Catholic Academy, Nottinghamshire – Despite identified issues, the school remains open.
27. Honywood School, Colchester – 22 classrooms have been closed, and online learning is necessary.
28. Jerounds Primary School, Essex – RAAC has been detected in the school’s kitchen, requiring structural support.
29. Katherines Primary Academy, Essex – The main building has been closed.
30. Kingsdown School, Essex – The main building of this special school remains closed.
31. Our Lady’s Catholic High School, Lancashire – Closed on Monday and Tuesday.
32. Outwoods Primary School, North Warwickshire – Extra support has been installed as a precautionary measure.
33. Ramsey Academy, Essex – Four classrooms have been cleared out and are awaiting safety measures.
34. St Gregory’s Catholic Science College, London – Support structures are being implemented, and the school remains open.
35. St Leonard’s School, County Durham – The school will be closed.
36. St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, County Durham – Closed until September 11.
37. St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive, London – Some parts of the school are closed, and mobile toilet blocks will be used.
38. White Hall Academy Primary, Essex – Three non-teaching days will be observed.
39. Winter Gardens Academy, Essex – Parts of the school will be vacated.
40. Wood Green Academy, West Midlands – Some classrooms will be closed until October.
41. Woodville Primary School, Essex – Closed until September 11.
42. Wyburns Primary School, Essex – Closed for up to two weeks.

Please note that this list will be updated as more information becomes available regarding impacted schools.

In summary, the AI legalese decoder can help affected individuals navigate through the closure situation by providing clear and concise information about the impacted schools and the necessary measures to be taken.

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