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Uruguayan Players Clash with Colombian Fans After Copa America Semifinal

A number of Uruguayan players, including Darwin Nunez, were involved in altercations with Colombian fans following the Copa America semifinal on Wednesday night at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The incidents erupted in the stands between supporters and players, who entered the area where their families, including children, were seated in the stadium.

Liverpool forward Nunez, along with Ronald Araujo of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid defender Jose Maria Gimenez, were caught up in the confrontation, with video footage showing Colombian fans clashing with Uruguay supporters and players, throwing objects including drinks cans.

Security personnel had to intervene to calm the situation before players returned to the field, visibly shaken. Nunez was seen being comforted by his teammates Luis Diaz and Luis Suarez.

Gimenez, the captain of the Uruguayan team, expressed concerns for their families’ safety, stating that the Colombian fans posed a threat to their loved ones.

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The eyewitnesses reported isolated disorder between rival supporters during the game, with police officials appearing later to address the situation involving the players.

Uruguay goalkeeper Sergio Rochet described the events as “an ugly moment,” highlighting the distress caused by seeing their families in danger and calling for increased security measures to protect players’ loved ones.

CONMEBOL, the tournament organizers, released a statement condemning any acts of violence that impact football, emphasizing the values of unity and respect in the sport.

The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) announced plans to review the footage of the incident before determining any further actions to address the situation.

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