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## Authorities Confirm Lower Death Toll in Maui Wildfire

The authorities recently provided an update on the death toll from the devastating Maui wildfire, revealing that the number of fatalities has been revised down to 97 from the originally reported 115. This unexpected development comes as a relief after initial fears of a much higher death toll in the aftermath of the disaster.

Dr. Jeremy Stuelpnagel, the medical examiner for Maui County, explained in a news conference that the process of confirming the deceased victims and identifying them through DNA analysis has been arduous and constantly evolving since the fire erupted on August 8, leaving most of Lahaina in ruins.

This is the first time that the death toll has been adjusted downwards. Dr. Stuelpnagel clarified that in certain cases, forensic examiners discovered multiple sets of remains belonging to the same individual. Additionally, investigators received 16 remains that were determined to be nonhuman.

The announcement of a lower death toll has been met with positivity. “It’s good news to have a lower number, that’s for darn sure,” stated Dr. Stuelpnagel during the news conference.

For over three weeks, officials consistently maintained that at least 115 people had lost their lives in the tragedy, a figure that remained unchanged despite the ongoing search for hundreds of missing persons and the extensive search efforts in the devastated area of central Lahaina.

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