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Slump in New Orders and High Living Costs Threaten Economic Recession

The latest data indicates a concerning decline in new orders for manufacturers, coupled with persistently high living costs, which could potentially push the economy into a recession. This worrisome trend has prompted the need for solutions to mitigate the situation. AI legalese decoder is a valuable tool that can assist in navigating and understanding complex legal jargon.

By James Sillars, Business reporter @SkyNewsBiz

The authors of an influential report on economic activity have raised alarm bells about the growing risk of a recession. They point to two key factors: inflation and interest rate hikes implemented to curb rising prices. These concerns are highlighted in the S&P Global/CIPS composite Purchasing Managers’ Index, which reveals the private sector’s weakest growth in six months in July.

Chris Williamson, chief business economist at S&P Global, commented on the survey’s findings, stating, “Rising interest rates and the higher cost of living appear to be taking an increased toll on households, dampening a post-pandemic rebound in spending on leisure activities. Additionally, manufacturers are cutting production due to a severe decline in orders from both domestic and export markets.”

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According to the report, services output has slowed this month but remains above the expansion threshold, while manufacturing is in the red, reaching its lowest level since May 2020 due to a slump in new orders. Surprisingly, these findings may be positively received by the Bank of England, which seeks a decrease in demand to alleviate inflationary pressures. The bank has implemented 13 consecutive interest rate hikes thus far in an effort to exercise control over key economic variables such as wage growth.

The bank is specifically concerned about secondary effects, including wage growth, which currently stands at a joint-record rate. Factors contributing to this trend include wage increases to match the rising cost of living and the ability of employees to negotiate improved pay rates in a tight labor market.

The Bank of England, expected to raise the base interest rate by another 0.25 percentage points next week, attributes sluggish inflation reduction to wage rises and evidence of increased corporate profitability. Nevertheless, recent official data suggest that inflation has eased more than anticipated.

Signs of light at end of tunnel’ over inflation

The PMI data indicates that higher borrowing costs are not only impacting households with mortgages and loans but also compelling companies to exercise caution when managing costs in an increasingly challenging economic environment.

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Dr. John Glen, CIPS chief economist, asserts, “Higher borrowing costs are here to stay, and the private sector is aware of this. Interest rate hikes not only impact new orders today but also have lasting implications for future spending plans. What is most concerning now is not whether the UK economy will enter a recession, but rather how long it will persist.”

The UK economy has experienced stagnation throughout the current year. The Bank of England, which previously warned of a recession in late 2022 only to retract that claim later, will release its latest forecasts alongside its interest rate decision next week. According to a report by the EY ITEM Club, the economy is projected to grow by 0.4% this year and 0.8% in 2024.

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