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The Federal GovernmentÔÇÖs Jobs Report and Small Business Employment Challenges

The federal government recently released its jobs report for August, providing insights into the current state of the labor market. Alongside this report, the National Federation of Independent Business conducted its own study on small-business employment. According to their findings, 40% of small businesses faced difficulties in filling job openings last month. While this may initially seem like a significant percentage, it is actually the lowest level recorded since March 2021.

Another notable trend is the decline in wage increases among business owners. The number of business owners who reported raising workers’ pay is at its lowest since May 2021. To gain a deeper understanding of these labor market dynamics, Marketplace decided to explore the situation by speaking with various businesses.

Adapting Strategies: Fearless Foundry

Fearless Foundry, a marketing and consulting firm near Seattle, has experienced a slowdown in business. Consequently, the firm’s owner, Madeline Reeves, has refrained from hiring new employees since April. Reeves explained her reasoning, stating, “As an employer, I don’t ever want to be in a position where I can’t guarantee somebody to work long-term.” As a result, Reeves has taken on more work herself and has identified ways to manage without relying on full-time staff members. In particular, she has opted for outsourcing designers on a contract basis rather than employing in-house designers.

Recruitment Challenges: Reservoir and the Bench

Mark Frier, the owner of two restaurants in Vermont, the Reservoir and the Bench, has also encountered difficulties in finding workers. Frier even shared incidents where he attempted to visit delis and bakeries, only to find signs indicating they were short-staffed and unable to open. The scarcity of affordable housing in the region and the impending return of many employees to school further contribute to the challenge. In response, Frier has resorted to creating a permanent hiring sign on the building, emphasizing their ongoing need for staff members.

Adjusting to Staff Shortages: Adrift Hospitality

Tiffany Turner, the CEO of Adrift Hospitality, which operates multiple hotels in the Pacific Northwest region, is currently seeking a chef and a human resources manager. However, she can afford to be patient due to the seasonal nature of her business. Turner explained, “Because we’re fairly seasonal, we’re able to take a breath in September and say, ‘We’ll be OK even if we don’t fill these positions for a couple of months.'” As long as her business is fully staffed by February, she believes they will be able to navigate the slower winter season successfully.

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legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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