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A year after a record-breaking 9-plus inches of rain caused widespread flash flooding across the St. Louis region, the effects are still lingering for some places open to the public. More than 130 businesses and 750 homes were damaged, resulting in significant financial and physical challenges. The U.S. Small Business Administration approved $28.3 million in disaster loans to aid in the recovery.

One of the affected businesses, Whistle Stop 301, appeared to have withstood the flood initially, but the basement was flooded and the damage was extensive. The owner, Katie Reuther, had to deal with the loss of inventory, repair costs, and months of closure. The situation was overwhelming, and she considered closing the store for good. However, with the support of the community and loyal customers, she was able to reopen in November and start rebuilding her business. Despite the progress, Reuther is still facing financial challenges and anticipates it may take a few years to fully recover.

Another affected establishment, Third Degree Glass Factory, faced devastating losses in artwork due to the flooding. The studio quickly reopened after the flood, but the perception that they were still recovering has impacted their business. However, Auer, the co-founder, has seen improvements and feels that the studio is returning to a sense of normalcy.

On the other hand, the St. Ferdinand Shrine in Florissant is still in the restoration process. The historic site, which experienced water damage from the flooding, requires extensive repairs and projects before it can reopen to visitors. The restoration process is time-consuming, but the caretakers are dedicated to preserving the shrine for future generations.

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legal-document-to-plain-english-translator/”>Try Free Now: Legalese tool without registration

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