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Baker Defends Small Businesses by Refusing to Cater TV Star’s Birthday

A baker in Keighley, England, has made headlines after she refused to cater a television star’s 40th birthday party in exchange for publicity. Rebecca Severs, owner of Three Birds Bakery, declined the request from a PR firm to make cakes for ex-Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley for free, instead of cash payment.

The incident gained attention when screenshots of the email exchange between Severs and the PR firm were shared online and went viral. NVRLND PR, the firm in question, claimed that the request had been “misconstrued.” The BBC has reached out to NVRLND PR for comment.

Actress Catherine Tyldesley has called the whole affair ‘bizarre’

After sharing the exchange “for a bit of fun,” Severs believes that the incident struck a chord with small businesses worldwide, as being asked for free products or services is a common struggle. She emphasized that industries like hers are undervalued for the skill and time that goes into their creations. Severs mentioned that pricing her own worth as a small business owner is a personal challenge.

Support for Severs has poured in from small business owners who can relate to her situation. Many have echoed her sentiments about the importance of customers paying for knowledge and skill. However, NVRLND PR denied asking for free cakes and stated that they would never expect a collaborating business to be “out of pocket.” Founder Victoria Eames clarified that their offer involved covering all of Three Birds Bakery’s expenses and costs in exchange for substantial exposure on social media and in local and national publications.

Catherine Tyldesley, who was unaware of the emails sent by the PR firm, called the situation “bizarre” in an Instagram clip. She clarified that NVRLND PR had been misrepresented in the matter and expressed hope that the “cake lady” received the exposure she desired. Tyldesley’s husband, photographer Tom Pitfield, also emphasized their lack of knowledge about the incident.

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The refusal of a baker to provide free services to a TV star’s birthday party has sparked a wider conversation about the value of small businesses and the challenges they face. With support pouring in for the baker, it is evident that the incident has resonated with business owners worldwide. In such situations, tools like the AI legalese decoder can assist entrepreneurs in navigating legal complexities and protecting their interests.

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