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Ukrainian forces have intensified their efforts to weaken Russian air superiority in the ongoing war by targeting bases that house supersonic warplanes deep inside Russian territory. On Monday, Ukraine reportedly carried out a drone strike on the Shaykovka Russian military air facility, which is located around 200 kilometers northeast of the Ukrainian border. This comes just days after another Ukrainian drone attack on the Soltsy military airfield in the Novgorod region.

Russia’s dominance in the skies has been a major obstacle for Ukraine’s counteroffensive, as Ukrainian forces have been struggling to make progress through dense minefields and multiple layers of defenses while being constantly attacked from above. In an attempt to counter this, Ukraine has made it a priority to acquire F-16 fighter jets from its allies. Although the Netherlands and Denmark have agreed to provide the aircraft, it will take several months before Ukrainian pilots are fully trained to operate them. In the meantime, Ukraine seems to be targeting Russian air bases to weaken Russia’s air power.

The Shaykovka military air base is particularly significant as it houses Tupolev Tu-22M3 supersonic long-range bombers, which have been used by Russia to strike targets in Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion. Ukrainian intelligence reports that these bombers launched four Kh-22 cruise missiles towards Ukraine just last week. Ukrainian forces carried out the drone strike on the Shaykovka base in clear coordination with the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, according to Andriy Yusov of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence.

The attack on the Shaykovka base resulted in at least one aircraft being damaged, although Russia has not officially commented on the incident. Reports from Russian social media blog Baza, which has close contacts with the country’s security services, suggest that a Ukrainian drone crashed at the base and caused damage to an unused aircraft. Another Russian Telegram channel, Mash, also reported the incident, stating that a Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with an improvised explosive device (IED) and a reinforced battery was shot down after landing at the airfield.

This was the second attack on a Russian air base in just three days, with the previous attack occurring at the Soltsy military airfield. The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that a Ukrainian drone damaged a plane at the airfield and caused a fire to break out. However, it claimed that the drone was spotted and shot down before significant damage could be done.

The Ukrainian attacks on Russian air bases seem to be having a psychological impact on Russian morale, as Russian military bloggers have criticized the Ministry of Defense for not storing the aircraft in hangars where they would have been better protected. Although the destruction of two Tu-22M3 bombers may not have a major military effect, it supports Ukraine’s larger efforts to degrade Russia’s morale.

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