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Lily Dale Assembly Requests Eviction of Homeowner Over Unpaid Fees

The Lily Dale Assembly, a spiritualist community, is seeking the assistance of the state Supreme Court in Mayville to evict a homeowner who they claim has failed to pay the required fees for operating a business within the community. This legal battle has been ongoing for nearly a year, with Lily Dale filing a lawsuit against the Reuther family, who own the businesses in question and lease property within the assembly’s gates. However, the court has yet to take action, and a scheduled hearing has been postponed to a later date. The next court date is currently set for September 5th.

In 2015, Lily Dale agreed to lease property on Fourth Street to Robert and Danielle Reuther, who were members of the community at the time. The Reuthers established a guest house on the property and were required to pay an annual business and licensing fee of $1,000, as stated in Lily Dale’s bylaws. However, the Reuthers ceased payment of the business fee after 2019. Lily Dale contends that this failure to pay the fee constitutes a breach of their contractual agreement and provides grounds for eviction.

The Reuthers, in their response to the lawsuit submitted to the state Supreme Court in September 2022, argue that Lily Dale’s claims are not supported by state law, the state constitution, or the assembly’s bylaws. They allege that Lily Dale’s actions amount to harassment, discrimination, and an abuse of the legal process. Furthermore, the Reuthers assert that they did not enter into the agreements as alleged by Lily Dale and that there is no evidence to prove that they violated any material terms of a valid contract.

In their answer to the lawsuit, the Reuthers request dismissal of the complaint and seek reimbursement of litigation expenses, costs, and any other relief that the court deems appropriate.

After a period of inactivity during the winter months, Lily Dale’s attorney, Michael Ferdman, filed several exhibits and a memorandum of law in support of Lily Dale’s motion for summary judgment in June. In the memorandum, Ferdman states that despite being notified of their breach, the Reuthers have not rectified the default, allowing Lily Dale to rescind the agreement and remove the Reuthers from the premise.

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