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**Update on the Situation: Prospective House Buyer Threatening Legal Action**

In this update, I wanted to share more details regarding the situation I previously posted on Reddit. The link to the original post can be found here: [\_house\_buyer\_threatening\_to\_sue\_england/](

**Background Information:**

I recently attempted to sell a house which unfortunately had severe structural issues. To facilitate the sale, I decided to utilize a modern auction platform. The process seemed promising as I found a buyer who appeared interested in purchasing the property. Little did I know that this would mark the beginning of a complicated legal battle.

**Buyer’s Claims:**

After the initial agreement, the buyer suddenly claimed that they were not aware of the structural issues until much later. However, both the auctioneers and my lawyers have confirmed that the buyer was well-informed about the property’s condition before placing their bid. As a result of their alleged ignorance, the buyer is now threatening to sue me for the incurred expenses related to the auction pack, amounting to ┬ú11k. To further complicate matters, the buyer demands a reduction of ┬ú20k from the sale price to avoid legal action.

**Our Decision to Proceed:**

Despite these threats, we decided to stand firm and proceed with the sale as if nothing had changed. Hoping that the situation would eventually resolve itself, we carried on with the process. Unfortunately, after the 56-day period, the sale fell through, leaving us in a precarious position.

**Tracers and Legal Assistance:**

Adding to the already tense situation, the buyer is now threatening to send tracers after me unless I allow my lawyer to provide my personal details. In response to this escalating conflict, my conveyancing lawyer has suggested involving their litigation team. While I appreciate their advice, I am considering seeking the assistance of a different legal firm due to my dissatisfaction with the current one.

**AI Legalese DecoderÔÇÖs Role:**

In this complex scenario, an AI Legalese Decoder could serve as an invaluable tool. With its advanced language processing capabilities, the decoder can analyze legal jargon and identify any discrepancies or misinterpretations in the buyer’s claims. By reviewing the relevant documents and communications, the AI decoder can provide objective insights and potentially uncover any contradictions in the buyer’s statements.

Moreover, the AI Legalese Decoder can assist in organizing and preserving crucial evidence, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate account of the events. This could prove vital in defending against the threatened legal action and protecting one’s interests.

**Seeking Suggestions:**

Given the gravity of the situation and the buyer’s persistent threats, I am reaching out to the community for any advice or suggestions on how to navigate this challenging ordeal. If anyone has experienced a similar situation or has knowledge of relevant legal strategies, your input would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, any recommendations for reputable legal firms specializing in real estate litigation would be invaluable.

Thank you all for your support and assistance in this matter.

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AI Legalese Decoder: Revolutionizing the Legal Industry


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries, and the legal field is no exception. With its ability to process vast amounts of data and analyze complex legal documents, AI Legalese Decoder is revolutionizing the way legal professionals work. By doubling the length of the content, we will explore the applications of AI Legalese Decoder and how it can be a game-changer in the legal industry.

Benefits of AI Legalese Decoder

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Streamlining Contract Review

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AI Legalese Decoder presents significant opportunities for the legal industry, providing efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility to legal professionals and clients alike. By doubling the original length, we were able to explore diverse areas of its application ÔÇô from streamlining contract review and improving legal research to enhancing compliance processes and supporting access to justice. With AI Legalese Decoder, the legal profession is entering a new era of innovation, where technology and human expertise can work hand in hand, achieving even greater outcomes.

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  • DevilRenegade

    So this has already been through the auction process? By bidding and winning the auction the buyer has entered a binding contract to purchase the property at the agreed price. That’s the whole point of an auction. They can’t bid at a certain price then ask you to lower the price after the fact because they claim to have found some things that they don’t like. That’s not how an auction sale works.

    I believe properties, like most things sold at auction are sold as seen and final. If they wanted to check for things like structural issues they should have arranged to conduct a structural survey at their own expense before committing to the purchase.

    If they’re now claiming structural issues were not disclosed prior to the auction, it sounds like they need to be arguing the toss with the auction company, not you. If you can prove that you disclosed the details to the auction house and they didn’t put them in the sale information, then that’s on them.

    I’d just tell them to go and kick rocks. I find it very unlikely that they’d have any grounds to take legal action against you. Caveat Emptor.

  • user3825733348

    NAL. If they knew and still bid on it, then I suspect they planned to haggle you down claiming ignorance. As others have said they issue is with the auction house, not you.

  • Rosanbo

    Why didn’t the auctioneer put it in the lot description?

  • waamoandy

    Your lawyer has made a sensible suggestion I would follow their advice