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A suspect accused of killing four neighbors in Georgia suburb is killed after manhunt

A suspect accused of killing four neighbors in the Atlanta suburb of Hampton, Georgia was killed Sunday following a manhunt, officials said. The entire state of Georgia can breathe a little easier tonight, thanks to the swift action taken by law enforcement.

The suspect, Andre Longmore, 40, was tracked by law enforcement from the scene of the bloodshed to an area near the border between Henry County and Clayton County, about 20 miles south of Atlanta. Sworn officers engaged in two separate exchange of gunfire with the suspect before he was ultimately “neutralized” and declared dead, according to Henry County Sherriff Reginald B. Scandrett.

Law enforcement was actively searching for Longmore, who was believed to be driving a stolen GMC Acadia SUV. An arrest warrant based on four allegations of murder had been issued for him. The victims of the fatal shooting were identified as Scott Levitt, 67; Shirley Levitt, 66; Steve Blizzard, 65; and Ronald Jeffers, 66.

While the motive behind the killings remains a mystery, Longmore was revealed to be a resident of the Dogwood Lakes Drive community. The stolen Acadia belonged to Steve Blizzard, one of the victims. This tragic event has left the community grieving, but relieved that there are no more lives lost.

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The killing spree and law enforcement’s response are currently under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Increased Safety in Hampton

The city of Hampton, with a population of over 8,000, is known for its safety and low crime rates. The last reported homicide in Hampton occurred in 2018, making Saturday’s violence an abnormal occurrence.

Hampton Police Chief James Turner emphasized that his community is grieving but grateful that law enforcement swiftly resolved the situation without any further loss of life. The officials also mentioned that a few law enforcement officers were injured during the incident, with one officer sustaining more severe injuries after being struck in the back by gunfire.

The injured officer was conscious, breathing, and expected to survive, as confirmed by Sheriff Scandrett. Another officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will thoroughly examine the killing spree and the law enforcement response.

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