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A woman votes in Madrid on Sunday.

Spain Faces Uncertain Political Future after Election


Spain appears destined for painful political negotiations after Sunday’s elections, when no single party won enough parliamentary seats to form a government. Prospects for coalition-building now remain uncertain.

With over 99% of the vote counted, the center-right Partido Popular (PP) is set to come in first, winning 136 seats. The upstart far-right Vox party, a possible coalition partner to PP, is forecast to win 33 seats.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s ruling center-left Socialist party meanwhile is on course to win 122 seats, with likely coalition partners Sumar at 31 seats.

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Supporters outside the PP headquarters waiting for election results.

In order to govern, a party or coalition must achieve a working majority of 176 seats in the 350-seat legislature. The fragmented election results have left the future of Spain’s government uncertain, with the need for political negotiations and potential coalition-building.

PP leader Alberto Nunez Feijoo said he was “very proud” during a speech at party headquarters, lauding the fact that his party’s vote share increased from 21% to 33%. However, despite the jubilant atmosphere at the PP headquarters, some supporters expressed disappointment at the lack of a clearer victory.

The elections also saw a decline in support for the far-right Vox party, which lost seats compared to the previous election. Vox, known for its controversial policies on equality, saw a backlash from voters.

The Socialist party, on the other hand, received support from its headquarters’ supporters, who expressed optimism about the election results.

With the need for parties to form coalitions and negotiate, the process of forming a government in Spain could take several weeks. King Felipe VI of Spain is expected to be involved in the negotiations.

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