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Largo City Experiencing Slow but Positive Growth, Owner of Largo Feed and Pet Supply Observes

LARGO, Fla. — Adam Gentile, the owner of Largo Feed and Pet Supply, has witnessed firsthand the gradual growth and development of the city.

Gentile, who has owned Largo Feed for nearly 40 years, has been serving customers on West Bay Drive for the past three decades. He believes that the city has been changing for the better, albeit at a slow pace.

With his establishment deeply rooted in the community, Gentile has built a loyal customer base over the years. He values the meaningful conversations and the long-standing relationships he has formed with his customers.

Throughout his tenure as a business owner, Gentile has seen numerous changes in the area, and he is now witnessing yet another growth spurt in the surrounding community. He explains that several buildings are already attracting potential buyers, with one purchase already made for the West Coast Garage, an old gas station that is slated to become an office building.

This growth is part of the city’s Downtown Largo Project, which aims to revitalize the downtown area. The project includes the construction of a new city hall, set to open in the coming year, and the redevelopment of downtown areas, including West Bay. It also intends to bring back events to locations like Ulmer Park, which is neighboring Largo Feed.

Gentile welcomes these developments and is excited about the prospect of new businesses and amenities coming to his stretch of Largo. He envisions more dining options and shops, making it convenient for him and his customers to enjoy lunch or engage in leisure activities nearby.

However, he also expresses his frustration at the lengthy process of implementing changes in the city. Construction and beautification efforts, such as the addition of more trees, have inadvertently led to a decrease in foot traffic for his store. Despite his concerns, Gentile remains hopeful that the introduction of new apartment complexes and a revitalized environment will attract more businesses and continue driving positive growth.

Gentile emphasizes the importance of establishing a vibrant downtown area by offering a variety of amenities that draw people in and create a sense of community. He believes that restaurants, shops, and other attractions are crucial for attracting both residents and visitors to the downtown area.

Although Gentile has voiced objections to certain aspects of the city’s management over the years, he eagerly anticipates the flourishing of Largo, as long as it is executed efficiently and cost-effectively.

The ongoing construction of Horizon West Bay, where the new city hall will be located upon its completion in 2024, is expected to include retail space and a parking garage, further enhancing the appeal of the area.

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